Luke Bryan's 30-second 'In My Nature' commercial for Cabela's -- the hunting/fishing/outdoor gear outfitter -- features the country superstar decked out in camo, shooting arrows and methodically preparing to go on a hunt.

Bryan entered into a multi-year partnership with the brand where he acts as a representative, and in this clip, delivers a carefully measured voiceover about how his desire to hunt is similar to the way he approaches his shows and his concerts. His career and his hobbies are treated with equal passion, and that's okay! Why do anything half-heartedly?

"It's in my rehearsals. It's in my dressing room. It's in my favorite stage," Bryan shares. "It's in my nature."

The point is that he's an outdoorsman as much as he is a performer and an entertainer.

Even when decked out in fatigues, the singer still looks handsome. However, he's usually a goofball and is never afraid to show off his playful side. But none of that aspect of his personality is evident in this Cabela's commercial. It's a rare, all serious look at Luke Bryan.

Granted, it's a half-minute ad, but it's also a side of the singer we don't see too often. That's because he treats things like the hunt with a laser-like focus.