As he makes the rounds to promote his 'Spring Break...Here to Party' record, Luke Bryan paid a visit to 'Chelsea Lately' to have a little one-on-one chat with the acid-tongued host. Turns out they talked quite a bit about his ACM Awards co-host Blake Shelton's drinking habits, but the funniest part of this clip is when Sarah Colonna, a 'Chelsea' staffer, showed up, clearly crushing on the country cutie. That's when Bryan gets his flirt on.

In the middle of the interview, Sarah the writer crashed the interview, walking on set from the backstage area, acting all non-chalant, like "Oh, hi, Luke Bryan, I didn't know you were here." She immediately squeezed into the chair with the 'Buzzkill' singer, who planted a big smooch on her cheek. Sarah tried to play it off and blame the crush on her mother, but then she told the singer that she makes decent money and can show him her pay stub. She was trying to win him over and prove she's a catch!

Not even the formidable Chelsea Handler was safe from the charms of Luke Bryan. She called him the "sexy version" of Blake Shelton, since Bryan is younger and more sober. "Sorry Blake, I've been working out," Bryan joked about why he's being recognized for his sex appeal.

Earlier in the chat, they talked about his upcoming co-hosting gig with Shelton. He admitted he's nervous, since "Blake is never serious. He will take you down a false road of seriousness and then he will let it out and freak the whole room out. He is planning on doing that to the whole nation."

Bryan, who is a hosting virgin, continued, "He's my mentor, that's not fun there," with a huge grin on his face.

Tune in and watch the ACM Awards on Sunday, April 7.