Luke Bryan made a special stop on his way to his concert in Atlanta on Aug. 21 to visit the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Seacrest Studios. More than 200 kids met Bryan in the lobby when he arrived, and the artist spent two hours answering kids’ questions, taking photos with them signing autographs and even hosting a little singalong!

Bryan performed his hit “Play It Again” and the crowd joined in, many of whom were children who had come down to the lobby from their hospital rooms. The smile plastered across Bryan’s face made it clear he was having just as much fun as the kids were.

“That’s the best it’s ever sounded,” he said, beaming.

The children asked Bryan questions about what his favorite color is, his favorite food and his favorite song, and one 4-year-old little girl, decided to tell Bryan about her own favorite thing: a stuffed monkey she’d had since she was only about a year old. The country star was kind in response, sharing a bit about his own kids’ and their favorite stuffed animals. The little girl, named Peyton, suffers from leukemia and has loved Bryan since she was tiny.

Bryan recently debuted his newest record, Kill the Lights, at No. 1 and has been traveling the country on his Kick the Dust Up tour with Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser.

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