In a recent interview with Long Island's WJVC, Luke Bryan dished to Phathead about the growing success of his new single, 'Country Girl (Shate It for Me),' his tour with Tim McGraw and making all the ladies go wild.

Bryan's latest single is hot on the tail of his previous three songs, which all topped the country charts. Even the singer himself can admit that he's got a hit on his hands with this one, too. "We felt like we had something pretty fun and pretty special," he says of 'Country Girl,' a co-write with Dallas Davidson, who also lent a hand on 'Rain Is a Good Thing.' "So, it's pretty cool when you have the opportunity to see people like a song and enjoy it. We're having fun playing it, and what's crazy is I've told people, 'Heck, man, it's been the biggest reaction song that we've had … including all of my hits,'" he continues. "We're pretty happy to have it out and we feel like it should do pretty well for us."

"Pretty well" is an understatement. If Bryan's past successes show any indication of the future, we agree with Phathead that 'Country Girl' will beeline it to No. 1 and be the song of the summer -- a good thing, since the 'Rain Is a Good Thing' singer is heading out on the road with Tim McGraw this weekend.

Bryan will ride along with the Band Perry on McGraw's Emotional Traffic Tour -- a 40-city run which launches on Friday, April 8, in Texas and runs through August in D.C. -- and says he's ready to go. "It's gonna be a fun summer being out with him," the chart-topper admits to Phathead, adding, "We're just having a blast and working a lot and making sure that we go out on stage and put a great show on."

Like any true country fan knows, a great Luke Bryan show needs two things: Screaming women and tight jeans. Says Bryan, "That's gotta be the one remaining constant -- jeans have gotta be tight, baby." As for the ladies, the 34-year-old singer says he takes it all in stride ... and so does his wife. "Obviously you want to be appealing to all of the ladies and stuff like that," Bryan admits. "But you know, man, my wife and I … I've always done this as long as we've known each other, and we've kind of learned to accept it. I don't really let it get to my head too much."

He adds, "It's also very flattering, but I got a pretty wife, too, so I'm a good boy." Wondering when to expect a new album from the ladies man country singer? He promises that it'll hit shelves just as soon as 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' hits the Top 10, so get to requesting!

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