A Luke Bryan fan in Louisville, Ky. brought a sign to his concert asking the singer to make her 21st birthday special, and boy did he ever. The young lady first had to prove her age, but eventually she got what she was asking for.

“Let me drink a beer on stage with you. It’s my 21st birthday,” a fan identified as Kelly wrote on a poster board. The “I See You” singer saw it — and her — and obliged. But he didn’t do so without doing his civic duty first.

“I need to see your ID. You’ll have my a-- going to jail tonight, you know that?” Bryan says before Kelly’s friends help her find it.

“I don’t know, that kinda looks fake to me, but I’m gonna have to trust ya.”

It takes a few minutes for Bryan's team to find him two beers, but they come through. And then he drops one.

“Damn, you look 16, but I guess you’re 21!” Bryan adds before singing a short, funny, not-so-sexy version of “Happy Birthday.” Together they share a few sips and then Kelly returns to her seat, with a story to top all 21st birthday stories.

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