Back in July, hot superstar Luke Bryan was photographed with a beer in his hand while driving a truck in Tennessee. On first thought, that's an instant no-no. But in the eyes of the law, the 'Drink a Beer' singer did nothing wrong by drinking a beer while driving.

Bryan was snapped holding a cold one while on his private ranch. The Knoxville Police Department has said that because it was his own property, the singer didn't break a law. As it turns out, in Tennessee, it's legal to consume booze even while operating a vehicle when doing so on private property. And Bryan was on private property.

The photos were posted by TMZ here. While he didn't break a law, Bryan's actions were most certainly dangerous.

The 'That's My Kind of Night' singer was recently in the news in the news after he rolled his truck into a pond. The truck ended up submerged when the singer accidentally left the vehicle in drive.