Bottoms up! Luke Bryan hit the stage at the 2012 CMT Music Awards tonight (June 6) to perform his most recent single 'Drunk on You.' He was the second performer of the night, and yes, he owned it.

With a guitar strapped to his person, the ever-present baseball cap on his head, paired with a crisp white, button-down, five o'clock shadow and that infectious smile, Bryan looked like the dude next door as opposed to a country superstar. He's a man of the people! Perhaps that's why his fans relate to him so much.

Bryan had the crowd going, especially during the guitar solo part in the middle of the song, which, by the way, is the singer's third consecutive platinum-selling single.

When Bryan ditched his axe, the girls in the front row of the audience screamed and went nuts -- likely because the gracious country star gifted his guitar to a lucky audience member. Bryan didn't have any big name or high profile guest stars come out to perform the song with him, but you know what, he didn't need it. He did just fine all by his lonesome.

The melody of the song certainly intoxicates us. We were drunk on Luke Bryan on live TV for five minutes. Time for a Luke Bryan hangover.

Watch Luke Bryan Perform 'Drunk on You'