If you’ve ever wanted to see photos of Luke Bryan’s teen years or get a glimpse into his past, the artist has finally come through for you in spades. Bryan just released a new video for his song “Fast,” an introspective ballad about the passage of time, and its music video features a slew of snapshots from Bryan’s life.

In “Fast,” Bryan finds it ironic that growing up, all we want to do is move as quickly as possible, whether its with our cars or our careers. But now, as he enters his 40s, he realizes we wish we could slow it all down. The music video features Bryan strumming an acoustic guitar on stage in an empty theater, interspersed with photos from his childhood to his early career, and even his kids.

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The second verse is an homage to his relationship with his wife, Caroline — and according to the song, the couple's parents thought moved they had married too fast. Adorable photos of the couple come into focus, from the beginning to their wedding day, as Bryan admits that now the only problem is they want life to slow down.

The sentimental video will show fans Bryan’s softer side, which he’s tapped into before, but not quite in this nostalgic way. It’s a feeling everyone can relate to, and the catchy tune will certainly resonate.

Bryan teased the new video recently with an adorable clip of himself (appearing to be on the set of the music video) FaceTime-ing with his 8-year-old son, who announced he now had a girlfriend.

Written by Bryan, Rodney Clawson and Luke Laird, the song appears on Bryan’s most recent album, Kill the Lights, and is his sixth single from the record.

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