Luke Bryan's fun day of fishing went seriously awry. The country superstar turned to social media to share a video of an extremely painful-looking accident that he suffered when two of the prongs on a fishing lure became embedded in his hand.

Bryan shared his injury with fans on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon (March 30), posting a gruesome video of his hand, which is streaked lightly with blood. Two of the prongs on a three-pronged fishing lure are embedded very deeply in the soft tissue between his first finger and his thumb; so deeply, in fact, that the left portion of the hook is all the way through and sticking out the other side, while the middle hook looks to be firmly lodged in a way that is going to be extremely uncomfortable to pull out.

"This is gonna leave a mark," Bryan reflects ruefully in the background as he turns his hand at various angles in front of the lens. "Pretty sure that's in my bone."

Bryan simply writes, "Dammit," to caption his video.

It's not clear where Bryan was fishing when the accident took place, but from the noise in the background, it sounds like it might be another fun family gathering, which is something Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have been making sure to emphasize during the downtime afforded by the pandemic.

While Bryan hasn't been touring in the last year due to the worldwide health crisis, he has not been sitting around bored. He's currently back to work on the new season of American Idol, which has just announced the Top 24 contestants for 2021.

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