Luke Bryan got a little brave during the CMT Awards Wednesday night (June 4) when he performed 'Play It Again.' The handsome singer took a walk through the packed crowd during the song -- and one of his female fans got a big grab.

When Bryan started walking through the crowd, the fan got a little too close and goosed him. This isn't the first time Bryan's been violated by a fan, but he didn't put too much thought into the incident. He let everyone know his thoughts during a press conference on Thursday (June 5).

"We had these lines drawn to where we thought the fans would be," he says. "At that point, I'm just having fun. In the moment of the show, I remember hands coming in from everywhere. I haven't gone back and seen the performance."

Despite having done run throughs and assuming they knew where fans would be, he got a little surprise when they were much closer than expected. Being the experienced performer he is, he didn't let it bother him. Instead, he focused on having fun.

"In the moment, I'm focused on singing great, having fun and hitting my marks. I knew I wanted to start in the crowd, do the chorus down in the crowd and, by the second verse, be on the stage."

He must be used to this by now, since it's definitely not the first time it's happened. During one of Bryan's (many) stage falls at a show, he also had a fan grab him and during a performance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' an older woman grabbed his butt.