Luke Bryan is pretty well known for his lighthearted and boyish sense of humor, but the singer recently revealed that he had a rather intense scare where he choked on a slice of pizza and things got "pretty freaky" for a moment. Luckily, a friend was with him and performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the singer, effectively saving his life.

In the new issue of People Country, Bryan recalled downing a slice of flatbread pizza when things went horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

"I had a friend do the Heimlich on me last Monday in a pizza restaurant," he said. "It was pretty freaky there for about 30 seconds. A piece of flatbread pizza flaked off and got lodged in my airway, and I went down. He picked me up and got it out of there."

Whew. You always see posters in restaurants depicting how to administer the Heimlich, but you never think that it'll really happen to you -- on either the giving or receiving end. Luckily for Luke Bryan, his pal was able to effectively apply the move and prevent him from choking to death. Disaster averted!

The same can't be said for a pair of fans that attended Bryan's show with Jason Aldean a few weeks ago in the great state of New Jersey. Two attendees were laying down in the parking lot of the venue when they were run over by a motorist. Alcohol played a part in the incident, but on the victim's part, not the driver's.