The second single from Luke Bryan's 'Tailgates and Tanlines' album doesn't burrow into one's brain quite as quickly as 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me),' but it ends up digging a little deeper than the fun club song. 'I Don't Want This Night to End' -- which will reportedly be Bryan's next release, according to a piece published on The Boot -- is his story of a first date gone right. It's still catchy, but it also pushes anyone in a happy relationship to think of that first stolen kiss.

"Girl, I know I don't know you / But your pretty little eyes so blue / Are pulling me in / Like the moon on your skin / I'm so glad you trusted me, just slide up on this dusty seat / And let your hair down / And get outta town," Bryan sings to start the song. The singer has been married for nearly five years, but he's still able to recall the anxiety of that first date as if it happened last night.

Even after one listen, the chorus is pretty memorable. "You got your hands up / You're rocking in my truck / You got the radio on / You're singing every song / I'm set on cruise control / I'm slowly losing hold / Of everything I got / You're looking so damn hot / And I don't know what road we're on or where we've been / From staring at you / Girl, all I know is I don't want this night to end."

Bryan doesn't win points for date creativity -- it sounds like the courting couple just rides around in his truck all night long -- but aren't the most memorable moments just that simple? He co-wrote this song with Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, and the men did a nice job of not over-thinking things. The "Gonna make the most of every mile / Do anything to make your smile / Land on my lips / And get drunk on your kiss" lyric in the second verse is one written by true professionals who understand their audience.

4 Stars

Listen to Luke Bryan, 'I Don't Want This Night to End'

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