One has to wonder if at the end of Jason Aldean's prank call to Luke Bryan, the "Country On" singer considered calling the cops.

Bryan asked Aldean if he was in danger or distressed four separate times and got responses that were either confusing, evasive or wildly out of context. Twice Aldean said he loved his friend or missed him. Then, he quickly said he needed to hop off the phone, but he never gave a reason!

Of course, there was a reason for the weird. Aldean couldn't hear Bryan because he was wearing noise-canceling headphones, and his wife Brittany Aldean was mouthing words for him to say.

"You wanna go to Africa?" Aldean asks. Watch video of the prank call for yourself:

The two Georgians are longtime friends who've separately pranked friends and family, but until recently, not each other. Luke Bryan and wife Caroline have an epic prank war yearly (although 2022 has been quiet), while Aldean's wife once pranked him by taking advantage of his fear of spiders.

This round of pranks may have been started by Bryan. On Nov. 22, he shared video that showed him and Kane Brown pulling the fire alarm at Jason Aldean's bar in downtown Nashville.

Watch below — the two giggle like juveniles before cranking the handle. You may be next, Kane Brown!

The exact prank that Aldean and his wife pulled is part of a viral trend on social media. The "caller" doesn't know exactly what he's saying, making the conversation awkward and hilarious. One hopes this isn't the beginning of a long prank war between the two.

Who are we kidding? We hope this is the start of just that kind of battle!

See Inside Jason Aldean's Spectacular Florida Beach House

Jason Aldean's beach house in Santa Rosa, Fla., sits right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Aldean paid $4.1 million for the new 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom, 4,452-square-foot beach house. The spectacular property affords the singer and his family the opportunity to walk out their back door and down a bridge to their own private beach, and the exterior of the villa features a courtyard with iron gates that includes gas lanterns, a swimming pool and a fountain.

The home's interior includes a downstairs with an open floorplan and oversized windows, chiseled stone floors, a gourmet kitchen, a bedroom and study and a fireplace, with coffered ceilings throughout. The upstairs of the home includes two separate master bedrooms that both overlook the Gulf, as well as two more bedrooms that each have their own attached bathrooms.

The stunning home is also set for whatever weather might blow in from the Gulf. Built in 2005, the house features all-impact windows and doors, as well as Geo-Thermal heating and cooling, cellulose insulation, foam ceiling and floor insulation and more.

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