Though they might seem like an unlikely pair, Luke Bryan and pop-R&B star Jason Derulo have really hit it off as pals. As such, they’re learning a lot from each other when it comes to culture.

While Derulo may give Bryan pointers on high-end style, dance moves and soulful vocal runs, Bryan has a more rustic set of skills to impart. According to People Derulo is 100 percent onboard with embracing country life, which he calls "amazing."

Of course, there are still a few things he has to learn — like what to wear when you’re going to be hunting and fishing.

"He threw me into the country living," Derulo shares of what he's picked up from Bryan. "I came over [to Bryan’s house] in shiny white shoes and a white outfit, and he’s all, ‘Oh boy, you’re going to get that dirty!’ [and] gave me some new clothes."

Derulo was in Nashville for the 2017 CMT Awards, at which he and Bryan performed Derulo’s hit “Want to Want Me.” Bryan has been covering Derulo’s songs in concert for a while, which was actually what brought them together.

“I was like ‘holy s— … Luke is covering my songs,” Derulo shares. "We became great friends after that, and the rest is history."

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Fans know that Bryan has admired Derulo’s music for a while, going back to at least 2015, when he covered “Want to Want Me” in a karaoke video via the Sing! app, which allows fans to duet with their favorite stars. "How could I not, this was too much fun,” Bryan wrote on Facebook at the time, calling Derulo a "singing fool." Bryan and Derulo teamed up for CMT’s Crossroads last year as well, pairing up to sing each other’s songs for a whole set.

At this year's CMT Awards, they compared dance moves — or, dance "move."

"His dance moves, are very him. Nobody does Luke’s dance moves like Luke,” Derulo jokes.

“It’s kind of like McDonald’s fry,” the country singer added in response. “Just stick with it, right? And don’t change the way you fry the McDonald’s fry. So I got my one little move.”

Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo Compare Dance Moves

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