Just because Luke Bryan is one of country music's hottest stars right now doesn't mean that avoids his fair share of reality when it comes to life at home with two young sons. Last month, Bryan was getting ready to be the man of the hour at his latest No. 1 party for his multi-week chart-topper 'I Don't Want This Night to End.' But home life hit the singer first, inciting an unexpected visit to the ER for his four-year-old son, Bo.

"We've already been to Vanderbilt this morning," Bryan told Taste of Country later that afternoon. "He had to get xrays. He fell in one of these treehouse things you take your kids to so they can play."

The weird part? "His lip's not busted, but his whole gum is like torn off," explained the concerned father. "So we were up [this morning], running to Vanderbilt getting him xrayed. He is going to be fine. We found out he'll need braces one day because his teeth will be coming in crooked like his mom and dad's!"

Luckily Bryan had some family members who were in town for the No. 1 party, so they were on duty for babysitting his youngest son, Tate (20-months-old). "[Tate] was running around the house without a diaper when we left, and he pooped on the floor," Bryan said with a smile and a shake of the head. "My nephews is in town, and he was the one who alerted us of the incident. His face after the incident ... I guess that is the reaction you would get from a 12-year-old. It was pretty funny. So that's pretty much been my whole day. Dad had to clean that up. Mama was getting ready to come to the No. 1 party!"

Guess life on the road isn't all that bad after all, huh Luke?

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