Luke Bryan faced off against some cute competition on Ellen this week. The country superstar played a game called 'Know Your Country' against 5-year-old Macey Hensley, a pint-sized tot who previously appeared on the show to demonstrate her extensive knowledge of U.S. presidents and U.S. history.

But Bryan was under the impression that they would be answering questions about the origins of country music ... and the majority of the questions were about the history of the United States, which brought a lot of laughs.

Hensley was sharp as a whip during the segment, quickly shouting out answers about who the youngest president was, what a particular president's middle name was and so on. Bryan was all smiles as he played against the tyke, joking, "I thought this was supposed to be about country music!" The pair laughed and joked together, obviously having a great time on the show.

This wasn't the only time the fun-loving Bryan connected with a youngster. During a recent concert in South Dakota, he invited an 8-year-old boy, Riley Svanda, on stage to sing some lyrics with him after seeing the boy's large poster, which read, "Can I sing with you?"

“When I make it big, I’m going to thank Luke Bryan for my carer,” Riley said after the show. We'll be watching for his name in a few years.

In the meantime, Bryan is still tops in country music. In addition to appearing on Ellen on Tuesday, the singer also released a new single called "Kick the Dust Up" and announced a fifth studio album, titled Kill the Lights.

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