As a touring musician, Luke Bryan -- whose new album, 'Tailgates and Tanlines,' is in stores today -- spends most of his life on the road and in a tour bus, away from his wife Caroline and their young sons, Bo and Tate. Don't for a second doubt that Bryan underestimates the chaos that his wife endures as pretty much a single parent while he is pounding the pavement and earning a living on the road. As a result, the couple reluctantly hired a nanny to help ease Caroline's stress level.

Bryan told The Tennessean that "parenthood is a whole different phase of life, and until you go rocking down that road, a woman doesn't know that stage of exhaustion until they are a mother of two kids."

He acknowledged the hard work his wife puts into motherhood, saying, "My wife, I don’t know if she’s ever [going to] or can even comprehend what being rested is like."

In order to help Mrs. Bryan maintain her sanity, allow her a moment's rest and to give her some extra hands to help, the couple has recently retained the services of a nanny. While his wife was initially "hell bent" against the notion, she eventually conceded.

That's not the only change Bryan is making to his work lifestyle in order to accommodate his brood. Bryan is also adding a second bus to his convoy while on the road so his family can join him.

"We have to," Bryan admitted. "Had it not been for [current tourmate] Tim McGraw and being able to get on the plane with him, I would have went 31 days without seeing them. All my band and crew went 31 days. We've got a 25-day [run] from mid-July to mid-August, and I just said, 'I don't care what it costs, we're just getting another bus.'"

Spoken like a true family man.

Bryan also revealed that he plans for his sons to spend their summers in his native Georgia when they turn 8 or 9, so that they can experience a true country upbringing along the lines of dear ol' dad's. The singer also bought a large piece of land about an hour outside of Nashville and plans on taking the tykes hunting and camping, making effective use of the land. "I gotta have a place to take 'em and camp closer than Georgia," Bryan said.

Is it just us or does Luke Bryan sound like the ultimate cool dad? Bryan's 'Tailgates and Tanlines,' featuring the hit single 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me),' is out now.

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