Luke Bryan lets fans who haven't had the opportunity to see him perform experience what a Luke Bryan show really consists of in his new 'Play It Again' video. The clip opens with Bryan looking like he has conquered the world on stage as it slips right into his newest single.

The video shows everything from stage setup to fan reactions and everything in between. Bryan's tour bus reminds fans of where the singer came from with a Muckalee Creek sign in the window. The song 'Muckalee Creek Water' was released in 2011 and is a nod to the Flint River in his home state of Georgia.

Fans are seen running inside the venue to see Bryan perform 'Play It Again' on stage in his signature tight jeans, black shirt and ball cap. Meanwhile, he's backstage kissing his wife and popping champagne (probably celebrating one of his big accomplishments of the last year). When Bryan performs, the crowd signs along and one fan holds a sign showing her admiration for the performer, "If you ain't a 10 you're a 9.9 (just kidding you're a 10)."

Bryan rocks the dance move he's known for before doing a knee thrust to end the song. If you play it loud enough you'll feel like you're front row at one of his shows!