Luke Bryan has his finger on the pulse of Country America, and he’s not about to remove it. ‘Play It Again’ casts the singer as a lucky-in-love country boy doing everything he can to not let his girl see she could probably do better. It’s another humble love song from a man who has practically turned this form into his own subgenre.

The Georgian is becoming one of country music’s top storytellers. ‘Play It Again’ is a fun story to follow. There are a few unanswered questions about this happenstance tale — the circumstances of their chance meeting are a little fantastic — but the crux of the song is a familiar memory for anyone who has ever fallen in love.

“Soon as I sat down I was fallin' in love / Tryin' to pour a little sugar in her Dixie cup / Talkin' over the speakers in the back of that truck / She jumped up and cut me off,” Bryan sings to close the first verse. The “Dixie cup” line is classic Luke Bryan -- a small dose of hokey to make the song more accessible.

Credit Ashley Gorley and Dallas Davidson for penning another great chorus. It’s a conversation between the two lovers. The song she’s waiting for breaks down the walls that get in the way of the first dance, or first kiss.

“She was like, come here boy, I wanna dance / 'Fore I said a word, she was takin' my hand / Spinnin' me around 'til it faded out / And she gave me a kiss / And she said, play it again, play it again, play it again,” Bryan sings.

This superstar is enjoying a time when everything that he sings sounds unique and feels deeply satisfying. He’s found a few familiar themes that don’t grow old quickly, and his performances have gotten better with each release. ‘Play It Again’ is another hit for Bryan. When it finishes its chart run, it will likely be amongst the Top 5 of his career.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's a great, relatable story, and Bryan tells it like a pro.

Key Lyrics: “She was like, oh my God, this is my song / I've been listenin' to the radio all night long / Sittin' 'round waitin' for it to come on and here it is"

Did You Know?: Bryan, Lee Brice and Cole Swindell are currently on tour together, and are hoping to collaborate. Bryan tells Country Weekly he hopes the three can write together soon.

Listen to Luke Bryan, ‘Play It Again’

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