The apple doesn't fall from the tree in Luke Bryan's house.

In a clip from 2010 but uploaded to YouTube just this month, Bryan's son Bo -- then an adorable toddler -- is seen banging on a drumset, showing off his noisy hobby while his proud daddy looks on.

"We have a set at the house," Bryan explains to the camera. "This is what we hear all day." At the end of the beat, Bo hits one last drum on the kit as his dad says, "There you go!" and claps for little dude.

Bo was born in March 2008, and Bryan and wife Caroline welcomed a second son, Tate, in 2010.

Obviously, Bryan's sons are around music a lot, and sometimes Daddy even takes them to a show or two. A few videos have circulated in recent years of Bo busting a move (moves similar to Dad's) on stage with the 'Drink a Beer' singer. This musical moment seems to be a lot more constructive than that one time he made piano art.

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