Is Luke Bryan a tiger? A monkey? An elephant?

The "Knockin' Boots" didn't waste much time deciding when asked to draw his spirit animal at Hometown Rising in Louisville, Ky. last month. Despite a programming glitch, he does a pretty dang good job of it! Watch as the country superstar proves he's an artist in every sense of the word and then subscribe to our YouTube channel because he's not the only artist we got to draw their spirit animal.

Prior to headlining Hometown Rising Bryan opened up about his next album, revealing that it will be a complete album (he understands but doesn't agree with Blake Shelton's single-oriented theory of music-making) and that it will have a more vintage sound. Surprisingly he's not sure what the next single will be — watch for yourself:

Luke Bryan Talks About His Next Album!

"I think you have to approach recording music like you’re making an album," Bryan says. "I think the beauty of making an album is that you’ll do eight, nine, 10 songs and you’ll start seeing what you’re missing. I don’t disagree with Blake’s train of thought. I think I may marry the two."

For him the days of making long albums but be long gone. That's not an opinion widely shared however. Jason Aldean says he plans to keep making 15 or 16 song albums as they're good value for fans.

See Photos of Luke Bryan from Hometown Rising:

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