Luke Bryan plus helium balloons equals hilarity! During a visit to 'The Bobby Bones Show,' the star singer sucked on a balloon before performing his hit song, 'That's My Kind of Night.' The result? A video too good not to share.

Bones demonstrated the talent first, sucking in some helium to belt Bryan's 'Drink a Beer.' Bryan giggled from the sidelines, but soon, it was his turn.

"Didn't somebody die from this or something?" he asks with a smile before partaking. "Is that an urban legend?"

The singer then put the blue balloon up to his mouth, but his deep voice wasn't altered too much. "I need a bigger balloon," he decided, which got a laugh from the room.

A bigger balloon was naturally the next option, and this time, it worked in his our favor.

"I've got that real good, feel-good stuff," Bryan sang into the microphone with his hilarious new voice. He was clearly enjoying himself as he sang, dancing and swaying in his seat after the first few lines.

"Alright it's coming back," Bryan said after the gas began to wear off. "We're coming back."

Even though it was short-lived, his helium-filled rendition of 'That's My Kind of Night' will have fans laughing -- and probably loving the Georgia boy even more!

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