Nothing gets you in the spirit of summer quite like seeing thousands of college kids hanging out at the beach during Spring Break. Beaches, beer and bathing suits -- what else do you need? Nothing! That's why Luke Bryan used Spring Break footage to capture the ultimate party-time summer vibe in his new 'Just a Sip' video.

You might think that the 36-year-old country music star is too old to party with Spring Breakers, but this music video proves that he's not. It's only fitting that 'Just a Sip' is one of the tracks from Bryan's 'Spring Break ... Here to Party' album.

And party, they do.

They clip opens with a shot of two shirtless guys carrying a cooler out to the beach. Judging by the fact that it takes two dudes to carry one small cooler, it's probably full of ice and beer. Then the video pans to a shot of Bryan signing autographs and being carried through a crowd on someone's shoulders.

All footage from the video was shot in Panama City, Fla., during Spring Break this year, and it's obvious that Bryan, his fans and their fellow spring breakers had an awesome time.

The 'I Don't Want This Night to End' hitmaker is shown shaking it on stage while bathing suit-clad fans scream for him in the audience. College pals dance together while clutching red cups and beer cans, no doubt taking more than just a sip of their beer or cocktail.

There's not much to the three-minute clip other than good music and good times. With so many shots of people having an awesome time on the beach, it's only a matter of time until 'Just a Sip' becomes country music's summer 2013 anthem.