Luke Bryan is practically known for his dance moves — he isn't afraid to shake it onstage for thousands of fans. But while the "Kick the Dust Up" singer has mastered his own hip-shakes, what about some new dance trends?

Summer songs always make way for dance fads, and this year was no different. Silento's smash hit "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" has been sweeping the country, and folks everywhere are doing the Whip and Nae Nae — Luke Bryan included.

"This is like so eight months ago ... We're the country people that it just got to," the singer says in the video above, showing a flash of his bright smile with a little laugh.

With the music playing, Bryan decides to give it a shot. He explains that he can do the Nae Nae, but can't quite do the Whip. He's not lying. His rhythm and technique are a little off during the Nae Nae, and it's nothing short of hilarious. Thankfully, his shimmy is well-crafted.

Upon go time, Bryan busts out the Roger Rabbit before unsuccessfully trying the Stanky Leg (an older dance fad). Even though the goofy, adorable country singer never actually whips, we can't stop watching this hilarious video. Watch the full attempt above — you deserve a laugh!

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