Every family has traditions around the holiday season. If you're a member of Luke Bryan's household, it's the 12 Days of Pranksmas. If you're unfamiliar with their holiday antics, they play jokes on each other mercilessly and no one is safe.

This year, the singer's wife, Caroline, kicked things off by pranking her mother-in-law, LeClaire. The two occasionally hop on Instagram Live to answer fans' questions. On a normal day, they poke fun at each other while keeping things light. But not during Pranksmas.

In this staged Instagram Live, Caroline shares over-the-top information about the Bryan matriarch. She tells the fake audience that the family calls LeClaire "Hurricane Salem" because she smokes so much, and also states that the reason her mother-in-law is so tan is that she lays out in the nude.

That's where things take an interesting turn.

"I shaved her and I feel like we shaved a bear in the bathtub," Caroline states before LeClaire shouts, "Excuse me?" Caroline looks her dead in the eye and asks, "Am I wrong?"

The cringeworthy video continues, with LeClaire getting more and more heated. At one point she addresses the camera and says, "You people need to understand that my daughter-in-law fabricates a lot of stuff."

Finally, Caroline lets her in on the joke, to which LeClaire says with a smile, "Can I get a cigarette? I'm gonna put it out on Caroline's ass."

Stay tuned to Caroline's Instagram @linabryan3 for more Pranksmas fun!

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