The shenanigans continue at Luke Bryan's household.

Recently, Bryan's wife Caroline — who's become famous in her own right online for her wild pranks and costumes — took it upon herself to try to cheer up a friend by taking a picture in a giant inflatable eggplant costume. But what was only supposed to be one photo turned into three videos, with Bryan sharing the evidence on Instagram.

The first video introduces her in the purple inflatable, complete with green leaves on top and a pair of painted-on eyes that follow the camera wherever it goes. Bryan offers viewers a solid profile shot of the eggplant at the request of her friend and videographer Nicole Bobek, followed by a silly walk, with a few forward thrusts thrown in for good measure.

Bryan takes it one step further by taunting the couple's youngest son Tate, who's minding his own business at the kitchen table until his mother gallops over to him.

"He's not even fazed anymore," Bryan says with a laugh as her son smiles in amusement. Several of Bryan's followers were also entertained by the antics, with comedians Whitney Cummings and Josh Wolfe both commenting with laughter, while Hayley Hubbard, Tyler Hubbard's wife, replied with a simple crying laughing emoji.

"It was supposed to be 1 simple picture," Bryan reinforces alongside the face plant emoji.

The country superstar's wife is likely gearing up for her social media-friendly holiday tradition, 12 Days of Pranksmas, in which she and her husband spend 12 days over the holiday season pranking loved ones. Caroline already turned to social media in September to preview a bear costume that might turn up during this year's holiday prank war.

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