Luke Bryan has countless hits in his expansive catalogue, and while they're all significant in their own way, he knows "Most People Are Good" will hold a truly special place in his career.

The song, which is featured on his 2017 album What Makes You Countryshoots a positive light nto today's dark times, offering a message of unity and love that Bryan felt drawn to. "When I heard 'Most People Are Good' for the first time, I really believed that that was going to be just a really, really important song in my career," he says.

He compares it to other poignant numbers, "Drink a Beer" and "Fast," saying they're all threaded together with a sense of reflection. He feels "Most People Are Good" will have the same impact -- so much so, that he almost made it the album's first single.

One person who's already been impacted by the song is one of the most important people in his life -- his mother. Bryan explains that he'll often play an album for his mom before he releases it. When "Most People Are Good" came on, it grabbed her full attention, and she wept into a paper towel as she listened to the song -- particularly at the line "Most mamas ought to qualify for sainthood."

"It's one of the best lines I've ever heard in a song," Bryan says. "That line really hit her like it should hit. I know my wife should definitely be a saint, putting up with me and my crazy boys."

Another line that could very well strike a chord with fans is "I believe you love who you love / Ain't nothing you should ever be ashamed of," which Bryan calls a broad statement on the world's view. "I think our society, we're categorizing people and judging them and we're human beings judging the other -- and I think God judges us and He's the end.

"I think it's a ginormous, beautifully written chorus," he continues. "Anytime you can find a song that does that, I think it's something special."

What Makes You Country drops on Dec. 8.

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