Mae Estes is releasing a new song that leans into her classic country influences, and she's letting Taste of Country readers hear it first in this exclusive premiere. Estes references many of her traditional influences in the lyrics to her fun new single, "Die in a Bar."

The Arkansas native lists Lee Ann Womack and newly minted Country Music Hall of Famer Keith Whitley as primary influences, but she casts her net wider in the lyrics for "Die in a Bar," which she co-wrote with Greg Bates, Mia Mantia and SJ McDonald.

Estes references classic songs from Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson and more during the lyrics of "Die in a Bar," a tongue-in-cheek song that proposes that she'll spend her last moments on Earth in a familiar country music setting.

"My country music family (The Maeniacs) have been hounding me for this song since the day I shared a bit of it on socials, and I’m chomping at the bit to finally have it released!" Estes tells Taste of Country.

She got the idea for the song late one night, when she "whispered" the song into her voice memos. She had accidentally double-booked herself into multiple co-writing sessions the next day, but luckily, her co-writers were "all fantastic sports and agreed to do a four-way write instead of cancel."

"The idea itself wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but it was one of the most fun writing sessions I’ve ever had," Estes recalls. "The energy in the room was laid back, free, and inspired by our favorite era of country."

The singer-songwriter — who worked multiple jobs in Nashville trying to make ends meet since making the move to Nashville in 2015 — says "Die in a Bar" gives fans a new insight into her music. She's gained significant traction with previous single releases online, including "Naked" and "Roses," but Estes feels "Die in a Bar" showcases something completely different.

"My catalog as a songwriter covers a variety of topics and I hope this release continues to support that," she states. "I’ve written and released my share of heavy songs that cover lots of ugly content, but this song in particular is for the days we need to loosen up, not take ourselves so seriously, and realize we’re all gonna go eventually — so we might as well have a good time while we’re still here.”

Estes is currently at work on her debut EP, which is slated for release in January of 2023.

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