Maren Morris has partnered with online retailer Wayfair for a line of home decor items like the ones she recently used to renovate her own outdoor living spaces.

Morris is one of the breakout success stories of the year with the success of her debut single, "My Church," and her critically acclaimed debut album, Hero. She recently performed her sophomore single, "80s Mercedes," on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and she'll be out performing on the road for much of the year.

When she's home, however, Morris likes to relax in her backyard and entertain friends, and she felt her outdoor spaces were a little lacking. Enter Nashville interior designer Lori Paranjape, who worked with Morris on a total re-design of her backyard in the hip East Nashville section of Music City. They worked together on a patio dining space, fire pit lounge and cabana area. The fire pit comes complete with an iron chandelier hanging from the oak tree in her yard.

“The Wayfair team is thrilled to work with Maren Morris at such an exciting time in her career as a country musician,” says Jane Carpenter, head of public relations for Wayfair, in a press release. “As one of the world's largest online destinations for the home, Wayfair is committed to helping people achieve a look and feel that captures their individual style and needs. To transform Maren’s backyard into a functional outdoor living space, we collaborated with the very talented Lori Paranjape who was able to create a relaxing setting where Maren can kick back when she’s not out on the road.”

Morris previewed her re-design for People. The items she used are available via Wayfair from now until Aug. 22. Take a look at the entire line at Wayfair's website.

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