Newcomer Margaret Durante is creating quite the buzz in Music City with her red-hot new single, 'Maybe Tonight,' which was released to radio earlier this week.

"'Maybe Tonight' is a song I wrote with Rachel Proctor, who’s a great singer, and Blair Daly, who is an incredible writer," Durante tells Taste of Country. "We were kind of looking at the songs that I had and analyzing them. We realized that they all were very introspective. Some were about heartbreak or others are about coming of age and that sort of thing. I am a very lighthearted person, for the most part, and I wanted to write a song that reflected that part of my personality as well. It’s good to wallow in a sad song every now and then, and I think those songs are important. When you’re going through a heartbreak and you listen to a song a realize someone else is going through it too, that’s very important, but it’s also great to be entertained. 'Maybe Tonight' was written for that purpose."

“You may not remember / The night that we met / But I’ve been tossing and turning and dreaming about you, boy, ever since / Too long I’ve waited / Yeah I’ve played it cool / But that’s overrated / Here I go breaking the rules / I’ve dialed your number / You won’t have to wonder / The way that I’m feeling,” Durante sings in the song’s opening lyrics.

“It’s just a fun, flirty, light song,” notes Durante. “It’s about the beginning of a new relationship when everything’s perfect and that person can do no wrong. They are just carefree. We wrote that song in probably one afternoon, and it’s because we were all really feeling it and in the moment.”

In the song’s chorus, Durante has her mind set on one day in particular with her relationship: that very night:

"Maybe tonight I’ll turn your head / Yeah, steal your breath / Yeah, spin your heart / I’ll have you right where I want you / Ooo, in my arms / I won’t disappoint / With a little bit of kissing / Make you see what you’ve been missing / I’ll finally call you mine / Baby, maybe tonight."

"Music is wonderful because it’s so subjective. One song can mean so many different things to so many different people, but I think as a getting-to-know-you-song, it’s disarming and I want people to enjoy it for three-and-a-half minutes," Durante says of the new music, which is now available through iTunes. "I just want them to be happy and enjoy themselves. Spring is coming, and I think it will do well with the changing of the seasons. I’m excited."

Watch the Margaret Durante 'Maybe Tonight' Video

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