Margaret Durante's broken heart is apparently enough to make an entire state's skies turn to rain in her single 'Mississippi's Crying.' It's the first track from the 22-year-old singer's forthcoming album, and it's quite a tearjerker.

Over gently chiming acoustic guitars and a deceptively upbeat rhythm section, Durante's lovely voice holds onto the notes of the opening verses for dear life, even as the words state she knows it's time to let her former lover go onto a new life in Memphis.

"Mississippi's crying baby / Mississippi's sad / I think we just figured out you ain't coming back / The sky can see you leaving and it can't hold back the tears / It's pouring now and my heart thinks it's dying."

We're not sure why a Maryland native who went to school at Clemson in South Carolina, then moved to Tennessee to make it in the music business is singing about living in Mississippi. Our best guess is that she doesn't like music reporters and wants us to type that tricky combination of S's and P's over and over. Well played, Durante, you win this round ...

Listen to Margaret Durante, 'Mississippi's Crying'

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