Martina McBride is like every mother when her child moves away — sad, but supportive. On Wednesday (Sept. 6), the country singer shared a photo of her daughter, Emma, who is moving to Los Angeles to chase her dreams of an acting career.

With the photo, McBride wrote a heartfelt note to her daughter, sharing just how proud she is to watch her spread her wings. Emma, 19, is McBride's middle daughter, born after Delaney, 22, and before Ava, 12.

"There were a lot of tears in our family today," McBride writes. "Emma moved to LA to embark upon her acting career. It didn't hit me until after I got back home from the airport that she isn't just going on a visit ... but moving out of our house ... maybe for good.

"Of course she knows she can always come back," she adds, "But in a way ... a very bittersweet way ... I almost hope she doesn't."

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Emma's big move to L.A. was something the family had talked about for years — the singer explains that her daughter wants to be a television and film actress, and that she has "set her sights on it and dreamed big" since she was a young child.

"I have no doubt she will give it everything she has. And the world will fall in love with her. Because she has that kind of magic. And that kind of heart," McBride gushes. "Emma I have so much more I could say here ... but I've said it to you in private. You know I believe in you and I'm so proud of you my brave, sweet girl. I love you."

While McBride will no doubt miss her daughter every day, the singer will keep herself busy on the road this fall, as she is set to embark on her Joy of Christmas Tour in November.

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