Before last month's ACM Awards, Martina McBride was asked to provide a photo from her wedding for a feature in People. The singer and Train's Pat Monahan sang a duet of 'Marry Me' at the April 1 red carpet event, during which a couple married live on stage. McBride says there would be a lot of do-overs if she were to plan to do her own wedding -- 200-guest, spring ceremony -- again.

"I was pretty easy going," McBride says when asked if she was anything close to a Bridezilla. "I had the bridesmaids carry candles down the aisle… it was tacky. I'm telling you, my wedding, when I look back at it, it was fine for the day but looking back -- I mean they carried little hurricane lanterns that were surrounded by fake flowers, and I don't know. I would do things a lot differently now."

Her three daughters giggle when they see the now 24-year-old photos. The singer joked with Taste of Country about her hair on her wedding day, but truth be told, it's her husband John's mullet that really catches one's attention. "The thing was, that was before they even called it a mullet," she says. "That was just a hairstyle. It didn't have a name, it was so in the day."

While it's only been a single for six weeks, 'Marry Me' is already becoming a favorite choice for a wedding song among betrothed country music couples. McBride anticipates more and more fans wanting to propose, or perhaps even wed, during her current tour of theaters and smaller venues. "It's an honor," she says.

As for her tour, the nearly two-hour show features an expanded set list, including album cuts that many fans have never heard live before (part of the reason the singer begged to play smaller venues). When asked how much of her catalog she could sing unrehearsed, McBride admits that she's no Marilu Henner when it comes to memory.

"I think I could do a lot of them, but there are a few that for some reason I kind of block out. There's a song called 'There You Are.' Somebody asked me to sing it about a year ago, and I completely blew it," she admits. "I didn't even know how the song started. And I don't know why that happens."

'Marry Me' has become a favorite of hers to sing live, as it's much simpler and softer than some of her more bombastic hits. Monahan is included in the stage show, although McBride wouldn't say how exactly. While she hopes to perform with him again soon, Train's touring schedule makes it very difficult.

As her daughters get older -- Delaney is 17 with a serious boyfriend -- McBride anticipates having conversations with each one about their weddings. She'll encourage them to wait a little longer than she did, because a person changes so much between ages 20 and 28.

"I got really lucky and picked a great partner and a great person," she says. "We have just grown closer over the years."

John and Martina McBride are thinking about renewing their wedding vows for their 25th anniversary on May 15, 2013. She's been keeping an eye on current trends and fashions for the event -- things will definitely look different this time around.

"It was the '80s … so mauve was a big color," she says of the first go-round. "I would not choose that again."

As for the Nashville couple's wedding song? It was ''Til There Was You' by the Beatles, and they rode away on horse and carriage. How romantic.