Some of the most prolific country stars of the 21st century haven't released a new albums in five years — or more! That could change in 2024.

This list of active country stars who've been very inactive since before the pandemic includes at least three that we can say with total great some certainty will release an album this year. George Strait makes that short list. Had you realized he's taken half a decade off since dropping Honky Tonk Time Machine?

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Others seem less inspired to make new music. One legend who is still actively touring has flat-out said she has nothing more to say. Another is taking a "we'll get to it when we get to it" approach to music-making, and we can't fault them for it. They've put in the time and released nearly a dozen great albums.

It'd be selfish to ask for more, but still ...

It sure would nice to get a new Brooks & Dunn album soon!

Scroll down to find 16 artists who are long overdue for new music. One star is approaching 20 years between albums for no discernible reason. She's been active on stage and on television over the last decade and clearly has the voice for it, even as she approaches 60. Once you see who we're talking about, be sure to let her know it's time.

16 Active Country Stars Who Haven't Released Albums in 5+ Years

These 16 country stars haven't released a new album in five years — or more!

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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