Martina McBride wanted to be a country star practically from the time she was born. After decades of singing success, McBride can look back and recognize how the support of her parents helped her to get where she is today. Now, as a mother of three, it's the 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' hitmaker's turn to support her daughter's dreams.

Recently, McBride's middle daughter, Emma, has taken a strong interest in acting. So naturally, McBride and her family -- who have resided in Nashville for several years -- are trying West Coast living for awhile so that the young girl can take a few acting classes.

"My middle daughter, Emma, has always wanted to try her hand at acting and so we have enrolled her in a couple of acting classes and workshops in L.A. this month so that she can see if it's something she wants to pursue," McBride wrote on her blog on Sunday (July 8). "This could be the beginning of realizing her dream, which is a beautiful thing. I know how supportive my parents were at her age and how they did everything possible to help me be able to sing wherever and whenever I could and I'm happy we can do the same for her."

Although hanging out in L.A. for a few weeks sounds like a pretty awesome vacation, the mother of three was quick to mention on her that she'll be working while she's in California. The 45-year-old country star is taking part in E!'s new reality competition show, 'Opening Act,' which gives aspiring musicians a chance to open for their favorite stars, including McBride, Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley.

"I think it's a really cool show and idea. I love being part of making someone's dreams come true!" McBride said excitedly.

Plus, the California trip coincides with a few dates on McBride's theater tour, in which she plays a series of shows in smaller venues compared to the normal stadium shows. Tomorrow night (July 11), she'll take the stage at the Hollywood Bowl.

For now, the McBride clan plans to stick around in L.A. long enough for Emma to get the ball rolling, and for now, there's no reason to believe the family of five will become official Californians any time soon. Judging by her blog post, the mega-popular country star is looking at the family's time in L.A. as one big adventure.

"The idea of picking up and moving somewhere new is kind of crazy and kind of amazing!" McBride wrote. "I have a feeling something really magical is going to happen, not only for Emma, but for all of us."

Who knows? Maybe Emma McBride will be the next member of the family to have her name in lights.