We all know that Martina McBride is a mega-talented singer and performer -- but did you know that she has some major skills in the kitchen, as well? Well, ABC's daytime cooking show, 'The Chew,' sure did. They visited the mother of three's kitchen to hang out with her and cook a delicious meal.

McBride took to her personal blog on her website to document the experience of cooking with 'The Chew' in her own kitchen. Although we're sure she'll look like a natural when the her episode airs, she confessed to fans that she didn't feel completely comfortable.

The 'Marry Me' singer revealed that while she may be a good cook, but she's not so great at multi-tasking in the kitchen. In fact, she just recently gained enough confidence to listen to music while cooking -- she says that even drinking a glass of wine is too much of a distraction while she's in the kitchen.

"I don't deal well with distraction while I am cooking. I have just recently been moderately successful listening to MUSIC while I'm cooking," she wrote. "And those people that drink wine while they cook? Forget about it! I'm pretty sure some kind of culinary disaster would ensue. Yeah, the thought of being chatty and entertaining while cooking pretty much give me hives."

Luckily, when 'The Chew' host Daphne Oz arrived to chat with McBride while the two prepared a Zucchini, Sundried Tomato and Cheese Tart, the country singer had no problem handling several tasks at once.

"I explained the recipe, how much I love cooking for my family, talked about my new single and tour, all the while chopping and slicing," she wrote. "I was doing it! I will admit, there was once or twice when we just stood there talking and the director (Becky) said, 'girls you need to make sure you keep doing something with your hands, chopping or whatever, while you are talking' "

Later, McBride tweeted that she had a great time filming the episode, and included a photo of herself on camera. It's obvious that she's excited about her appearance! Perhaps McBride is as much of a hit in the kitchen as she is on stage? Tune in to ABC today (May 9) at 1PM ET to catch the country star on 'The Chew.'