Since a video of yodeling Walmart Boy Mason Ramsey went viral, the young man's social media profile has started to soar. He's got more Instagram followers than George Strait!

It began in a home goods aisle at Walmarts in Illinois and Kentucky, and once this video started to be shared, his new fans started clamoring for more from the little boy they call Lil' Hank. Comparisons to Hank Williams were made because of his song choices (often old Hank songs), his outfits and his yodel. The 11-year-old says he got a hankering for Hank while listening to his grandfather's old albums out in the garage — a video at radio station Beaver 100.3's YouTube page reveals that Ramsey has lived with his grandparents since he was three weeks old. The Clarksville, Tenn., couple were early supporters, first recognizing his talents in 2017.

On Instagram Ramsey is closing in on 300K followers, and on Twitter he has over 150K. Within the last day, he shared two new songs with his fans on YouTube. There's no yodeling, but we like "This Old Country Church" best.

The cherry on top of this enormous 15-minutes-of-fame sundae is a dance remix of his singing in the Walmart. A Soundcloud user named Lowercase turned it into an EDM jam that we can't stop blasting. This remix is nearing one million views.

Listen to the Walmart Boy Dance Remix:

One final note about Mason Ramsey concerns his oversized guitar. His grandfather tells Beaver 100.3 that an old friend of his had it originally. "He (Mason) inherited this guitar from this older feller, he left it in his will for him," the grandfather says of the Alvarez. Mason confirms that he likes it and it's very heavy.

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