Merle Haggard attempted to go home to Northern California last week, following treatment for double pneumonia. However, he returned to the hospital partway through the bus ride, realizing something still wasn't right.

The Associated Press reports that the 74-year-old singer was found to have three stomach ulcers, eight polyps in his colon and diverticulitis of the esophagus. A hospital spokeswoman says that he's now undergoing aggressive treatment for the pneumonia.

“Thanks to all the wonderful people all over the world that prayed their special prayers. I’m a new man,” Haggard said in a statement issued through the hospital. “Another special thanks to the folks of Macon, Ga., for their kindness, intelligence and probably saving my life.”

The country legend entered the hospital on Jan. 17, minutes before he was scheduled to perform in Macon, Ga. He's since canceled the remainder of his January tour dates. The next scheduled show is on Feb. 28 in Tucson, Ariz.