"Hello Twitter. #FirstTweet." That's how Merle Haggard kicked off his new Twitter account yesterday afternoon -- but after his inaugural greet tweet, things just got, well, kind of weird.

A few moments after greeting his followers, the American icon followed up with: "Greetings all participators, especially all you sweet potaters. There's always something new . . . Any songwriters find a rhyme for that?"

Later on, things got even goofier when he blasted followers with, "According to the judicial standpoint upon the cummiltation of the poultry if it makes any difference to me and I find out that's all I hope."

And then: "A little bit of honest, down-home gibberish to get it started! What an instrument this is!"

We're not sure what the Hag is trying to say, but we're glad he's having fun with it. After all, if anyone can get away with a bizarre social media profile, it's this hard-worn country legend. Other twittering country celebs like the Oak Ridge Boys and Miranda Lambert tweeted their excitement about Haggard's new habit -- and he's already learned how to reply to them.

Miranda Lambert retweeted the following message to her followers: "Merle Haggard is performing [Wednesday] night at the Ryman if any of you guys want a lesson in how not to be a [wimp].” Haggard responded with, "I'm available to give lessons anytime, see y'all tomorrow."

Twitter has recently added a few other country stars to its numbers, as Carrie Underwood who opened an account in February and Trace Adkins who started tweeting in March. As for Mr. Haggard, we're looking forward to reading what he has to say. He'll probably be a little too tied up to tweet tonight however, as he's scheduled to take the stage at a sold-out Ryman Auditorium in Music City.

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