She was seemingly country music's final holdout, but with the release of her new song 'Good Girl' Carrie Underwood has decided to join Twitter. The singer signed on just before 12PM ET on Friday, and within an hour was following 18 people and had over 10,000 followers.

"Hello Twitter world!" Underwood tweeted for the first time ever. For years the singer said that if you were following her on Twitter, you were following the work of an imposter, because she didn't spend time sharing the details of her day with fans on her phone or computer. Perhaps now that even God himself is tweeting, Underwood decided it was time.

Late Thursday night, Underwood debuted her new single to radio industry personnel at an event in Nashville. The song has since been released on iTunes. Early critical and fan reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, upping the excitement for her new album, which will be released on May 1.

For the record, the first person Underwood followed on Twitter her husband Mike Fisher, but she is now following fellow country icons Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert and Kellie Pickler, as well as the Nashville Predators and Ellen DeGeneres.