Marriage has not dulled the blade Carrie Underwood uses to warn notorious men to shape up. On 'Good Girl' the singer shows she's capable of brandishing her weapon only when needed, and always with cool efficiency and power. Similar songs like 'Before He Cheats' seem reckless and weak in comparison to this lead cut from her upcoming fourth album.

The Joan Jett guitars and uptempo drum track will leave anyone -- including those turned off by the vocal reverb -- hopping around before the first chorus. The melody sticks in your head like a forbidden kiss. It's too good not to enjoy over and over again.

"His lips are dripping honey but he'll sting you like a bee / So lock up all your lovin' go and throw away the key / Hey good girl / Get out while you can / I know you think you got a good man," Underwood sings before moving into the chorus.

"Why, why you gotta be so blind / Won't you open up your eyes / It's just a matter of time / 'Til you find / He's no good girl / No good for you / You better get to gettin' on your good bye shoes."

The "good-bye shoes" line sounds less hokey and contrived with each listen. By the third spin her confidence, energy and sheer talent will seduce you into believing every eight-note couldn't be more perfectly placed. In reality, this song would only be OK if performed by any other singer. Underwood takes an ordinary song and turns it into an extraordinary single.

"Hey good girl / You got a heart of gold / You want a white wedding and a hand you can hold / Just like you should girl / Like every good girl does / Want a fairytale ending / Somebody to love," she adds in the second verse, before a delicious guitar solo that barely provides the breath she needs to power the song to its climax.

Those who have watched Underwood perform since she released her last album 'Play On' have seen a woman no longer intimidated by the spotlight. In interviews she's more confident, often funny. Perhaps it is having the support of a loving husband, but on 'Good Girl' she's singing as if she's got nothing to lose.

4.5 Stars

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