Michael Ray is sharpening his acting skills with an appearance on an upcoming episode of Nashville. The "Kiss You in the Morning" singer opened up about the experience when he sat down for a chat at the Taste of Country Nights studio.

Ray is set to star as himself on a yet-to-be-released episode of the CMT show, appearing in a scene with Avery (Jonathan Jackson). "I've always wanted to get into acting. Whether it be in church or high school or doing plays," he says. Though he's done little acting work, Ray does have a speaking part in the episode, and while he can't give away any of the details, he says it's a type of situation he knows "very, very well."

"It was so much fun to kind of step out of my norm for a minute," Ray states, saying the cast was easy to work with and "so good at what they do."

"It's unbelievable talent and when you're working with people of that caliber, they just have a great way of reaching out to a guy like me that hasn't done that in that realm and just making me feel like I was a part of the cast. They were awesome, I'm excited for it to come out."

While on the set of Nashville, Ray actually had the chance to meet young singer and actor Jaden Smith, the son of acclaimed actor Will Smith, who the country star was a big fan of growing up. Smith's girlfriend is also appearing on an episode of the show and was shooting on set the same day. "He was actually a very cool dude, he was very nice and honestly a really cool guy," Ray says of Smith.

Listen to Ray's conversation with Taste of Country Nights below.

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