Michael Sweet, frontman for the rock band Stryper, takes aim at rock 'n' roll frontmen who search for success as country singers in a new video for "Radio." The clip finds members of Stryper, Whitesnake and Slash in cowboy hats, dreaming of country gold.

Watch Sweet’s tongue-in-cheek swipe at his contemporaries in this video premiere exclusive to Taste of Country. While he doesn’t mention anyone by name in the song, artists like Bret Michaels (Poison), Vince Neil and Motley Crue and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith have all gone tried country music in some form or fashion.

"Radio" is a guitar-heavy rock song that refers to trucks, Southern twang and cowboy hats and a greater plot to notch a No. 1 hit and quickly exit the format. Sweet comes from a country music family. His father Phil Sweet wrote and recorded "I Don't Want to Have to Marry You," a No. 1 hit for Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius in 1976. Michael Sweet says he's written with some of country music's top writers and understands that how seriously they take their job.

"Just as metal is a lifestyle, country is as well and you have to live it, not just wake up one morning and decide you're gonna be a country star," Sweet says.

"Country music, just like rock, is a lifestyle rich with history and authenticity and each genre should be treated with great respect. You can’t fake it. You can try, but the fans will see right through it.”

I’m going to write a country song and it won’t be long until I’m on the radio,” Sweet sings at the chorus of "Radio." Find the song on his new One Sided War album, available Aug. 26. He describes it as his heaviest solo album yet.

“It’s not thrash metal but there are definitely some songs on there that will pop out at you," he explains, according to Loudwire. "It’s a very guitar-oriented, hard rock/metal album with lots of melodies and hooks.”

Styper enjoyed their greatest success in the '80s with hits like "Honestly," but the band continue to tour today. Sweet has also been a successful solo artist and a one-time lead singer for the band Boston.

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