Mickey Guyton will evoke memories of LeAnn Rimes with her debut single, ‘Better Than You Left Me.’ The big country ballad swells with emotion and power until a tidal wave of a final chorus finds the Texas-raised singer refusing to be held back any longer.

Guyton proves she’s a brilliant vocalist during this four-minute  empowerment song. It’s a letter to an ex-lover, one that emphatically stamps on the grip he’s kept on her heart like it was a smoldering cigarette and she was the thick heel of a pair of brand new Ariats. One almost hears his memory being snuffed out.

I’m better than you left me / I’m better than I should be / Better than I was when you walked out that door / I’m stronger than the woman / The one that you knew back then / So don’t you think I’ll take you back like every time before / No baby, I don’t think you know me anymore / I’m better than you left me,” she sings at each chorus.

Guyton penned the song with Jennifer Hanson and Jenn Schott, and the result is indeed a woman’s anthem that no man could ever match. Much like the song, her career has been slowly building over the last several years. The Dolly Parton fan signed with Capitol in 2011, but is just now embarking on her radio tour and releasing her first single to radio.

Now here you are / Trying to win back my heart / And I bet you thought it’d be easy to do / But baby I’ve changed / Now you get a taste of standing on the side where you lose / Ain’t it funny what a little time does, baby,” she adds at the second verse, seemingly standing on her tiptoes to bring down the note that carries “taste.”

Nashville is home to many great vocalists, but few are unique. There’s nothing bland about Mickey Gutyon, a bellwether artist for new women in country music in 2015.

Why Fans Will Love It: Guyton is a pure country vocalist who relies on talent and strong songwriting before anything else.

Key Lyrics: "No baby, I don’t think you know me anymore / I’m better than you left me"

Did You Know?: Mickey has a dog named Charlie that she admits looks like Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies.

Listen to Mickey Guyton, ‘Better Than You Left Me’

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