Who could be better suited to parody Carrie Underwood's hit song "Before He Cheats" than her husband, Mike Fisher? "Before She Bleats" is the country song you didn't know you needed.

Fisher is a better hockey player than country singer, but his honest performance of this deer hunting lyric isn't bad ... in a kind of Earl Dibbles sort of way. Give Mr. Underwood credit, because when it comes time to reach for those high notes, he's not afraid. The music video follows Fish and some friends hunting — while it is a song featured on the Catchin' Deers Facebook channel, as far we can tell no deer were caught.

Proof Carrie Can Out-Sing Her Hubby Any Day: 

A "bleat" is an animal's cry. A teaser video for the new music video came on Friday, with the full video for "Before She Bleats" released on Monday (Nov. 5). Thus far Underwood has not commented on her husband's singing skills. That Fisher is an avid hunter creates an interesting dynamic, as the 35-year-old country superstar is an animal activist and vegetarian.

On Instagram Fisher promoted the song by saying, "I’d like to thank all the people that helped make this dream come true. It’s been a long time coming but excited to share my heart and soul through this song."

The savvy observer may notice he teased it as far back as October and may have been headed in this direction for awhile. In 2016 he sang along to Garth Brooks in the car and then sang with Brooks during an impromptu performance of "The River."

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