'American Idol' standout Kree Harrison has been doing a fantastic job on the singing competition, receiving rave reviews from many people, including some of music's greats. Before her face graced the television screens of millions, the late Mindy McCready had already recognized the young singer's talents. 

"We became good friends a while back," Harrison told E! of her relationship with McCready, who committed suicide in February. "I was very, very heartbroken to hear what happened. We didn't talk all the time but I saw her around in Nashville. Nashville is a really small town... It tore my heart to hear about her..."

The 'Idol' contestant has another claim to fame besides the television show, as she actually sang a duet with McCready before her passing. According to a video on Music City on Demand, the 'Ten Thousand Angels' hitmaker called Harrison onstage during a concert, saying, "Girl, listen. Since I've known you since you were about 10 or 11 or something like that, we've never sang together. So why don't you come up and sing with me?" They performed a rendition of 'Guys Do It All the Time' together.

McCready explained their relationship, revealing, "Kree and I met in the craziest story. It's too long to tell but we met through a con artist and a dentist appointment and a People magazine photoshoot, and now she's this gorgeous, amazing singer." Although she didn't live to find out that Harrison would go far on 'Idol,' she obviously saw her talent and star potential, and wanted everyone else to see it too.

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