Mindy McCready is once again back in the news with personal issues she has been battling over the past several years with her mother and 5-year-old son, Zander, who she has been seeking custody of after many run-ins with the law and apparent suicide attempts.

McCready has now filed a lawsuit against American Media, Inc., the publisher of the national print publication, the National Enquirer, and her mother, Gayle Inge, who currently resides in Florida.

Earlier this month, the Enquirer published a story on the singer stating she does not deserve to have her son back in her care. The article goes on to provide information from Inge on reasons why McCready is an unfit mother, suggesting that the 'Ten Thousand Angels' singer failed to appear at the most recent court hearing surrounding the custody of her son in order to avoid taking a drug test, has not seen her son on more than one instance in the last twelve months, and is an addict who has failed a number of drug tests.

"What is shameful and heartbreaking is the unhealthy relationship I have endured with my mom over my lifetime," McCready said in a statement released by her Nashville-based publicity. "With the help of friends and therapy, I have realized how detrimental the relationship has been for me, and I’ve worked hard to detach. I’ve tried to keep my personal life from being public, but every time I take a positive step forward, make healthy, personal decisions and move forward in my career, it seems my mother uses it as an opportunity to step into the picture to deflate me … To become the focal point to use the press to step into the spotlight at my expense."

"In all honesty," she continued, "I’m saddened it has come to this, but this is not a one-time, single event to sell her ‘stories’ to The Star, The Globe and Radar Online. It has just got to stop, for me and my son. What I want people to know is how unfairly I’ve been treated -- because of my past mistakes and, quite frankly, because of my celebrity history. My custody battle has been deplorable and fraudulent ... My mother’s agenda, I believe, is to continue to keep my character and lifestyle ‘questionable.’ The focus needs to be about the safety and well-being of my son and not about untruthful statements that have lent to unjust results. Zander and I need to be together."

McCready is currently in the studio in Nashville working on new music. McCready is best known for her hit singles, 'Ten Thousand Angels,' 'Guys Do It All the Time,' 'You'll Never Know' and many others.

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