Miranda Lambert takes a trip down memory lane in the 'Automatic' video, wistfully looking back at simpler times.

Much of the clip happens in the attic of an old house, and right away, it evokes feelings of nostalgia. Lambert sits in a sweet floral dress, her hair cascading in waves, sifting through once-treasured items that have now been allocated to the attic.

Among her findings are perfume, tiny cowgirl boots, a locket and old letters. As she looks at each item, she sings the song's nostalgic message, paying tribute to a time when pay phones and paper maps were the norm.

The lyrics that carry the message include "It all just seemed so good the way we had it / Back before everything became automatic.” The video also contains lots of scenic countryside as she sings about the past, and her longing for that type of life is portrayed beautifully as she drives an old, beat-up truck, looking naturally beautiful in a bandana and minimal makeup. The 'Automatic' video is stunningly simple, but carries a big message within the lyrics.

"‘Automatic’ is a song about the good life. It’s about slowing down, taking a breath and remembering what it’s like to live life a little more simply,” Lambert explains. "It’s not about going back, but reminiscing about what it was like to hang laundry on the line and wait for it to dry and my dad teaching me how to drive my ’55 Chevy that I still have but don’t drive nearly enough.”

She continues, “The song brings back good memories and it reminds me to take a deep breath and to remember that getting there is half the fun."

After watching the video for 'Automatic,' which is Lambert's first single from her fifth studio album 'Platinum,' fans may have an urge to write a letter instead of an email, or brew sun tea in the window instead of grabbing a convenient bottled version.

'Platinum' features a duet with 'American Idol' winner Carrie Underwood and hits store shelves June 3, 2014.