Husband and wife team Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton held hands while performing 'America the Beautiful' together before the kickoff of Super Bowl 2012. It was a show of solidarity, and perhaps a way to calm each other's nerves, as the couple sang while the whole country watched. Many performers before them have flubbed when singing songs at sporting events, but Lambert and Shelton delivered a mistake-free rendition dosed with a little country twang.

Lambert matched her signature pink bejeweled microphone with shoulder-dusting pink earrings, while Shelton looked dapper in a vest and blazer.

Lambert, who's had a rough few days after losing her dog and losing a longtime friend, was visibly emotional while singing, but it did not affect her performance. She was a total pro.

Lambert and Shelton looked at one another during the last note of the song while singing. It was a sweet and romantic gesture, and it showed how in tune they are with one another both personally and professionally.

The duo also shared a photo while rehearsing the song earlier today on Twitter. They were dressed down and wearing caps, but still holding hands in solidarity. You can check out that warm up photo here, and watch the video below if you missed their Super Bowl performance.

Watch Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Sing 'America the Beautiful'

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