Since their May 14 wedding, country sweethearts Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton haven't had much alone time. With two busy careers in the entertainment industry, they just barely had enough time to squeeze in their honeymoon. It's safe to assume that a baby isn't in the plan for Mr. and Mrs. Shelton just yet, but they have discussed starting a family.

"We’ve talked about it, you know, just mentioning it and figuring out a timeline, obviously," Lambert tells Taste of Country. "But we have seven dogs. So for now, we’re just dog parents [laughs]."

And for now, the newlyweds have plenty of other things to focus on: Shelton's just-released new album ('Red River Blue') and his success with the first season of 'The Voice,' Lambert's upcoming releases (the solo album 'Four the Record' and her record with trio Pistol Annies) -- and finally opening wedding gifts, nearly two months after tying the knot.

"We are just starting!" Lambert admits. "We still have a whole, whole pile of ‘em to open, but we’re doing it. You know, we haven’t been home after the wedding. I went and made my record, and he was on ‘The Voice.’ So the first time we were home together since the wedding was last week. We’re trying to open them slowly but surely."

From that pile, Lambert reveals to Taste of Country that one adorable present in particular stands out in her mind right now: "We got a matching pair of Chuck Taylors, pink and black. Those are cute!"

Now that the wedding festivities are over, Lambert and Shelton are nestling into life as husband and wife. The 'Heart Like Mine' singer finds that the biggest change since becoming a married girl has been a good one.

"It just feels secure. It’s a different feeling. People say when you get married something changes, and it does," Lambert says. "You feel comfortable and like somebody has your back, you know? It’s a really good feeling."

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